Energy and Construction

SOLID Personnel has in-depth industry knowledge in the energy and construction sectors to make sure we are responsive to your needs. With over three decades of experience, we work with various clients including Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, and Service Contractors. Our recruiting and staffing experience enables us to provide the personnel you are looking for to meet your unique employment opportunities. Focused on long-term partnerships, we make it our business to understand yours so we can make recruiting and staffing efficient and SOLID.

Our loyal customer base chooses SOLID for convenience, trust, consistency, and superior customer service!


The Energy and Construction Division is the heart and soul of SOLID Personnel’s success. With a client base of over 200+ Electrical contractors in California alone and 100+ clients in TX, NV and AZ, SOLID is without a doubt, the industry leader in Electrical recruiting and staffing in the western states of the US. Due to the large amount of business from our electrical clients, SOLID offers its employees year round full time work. Because we offer our electricians full time work we are able to attract the highest quality of electricians in the marketplace. This was not accomplished overnight.

Electrical jobs placed include:

Certified Journeyman Electricians
Certified Mid-Level Electricians
Certified Apprentice Electricians
Electrician Helpers
General Laborers/Cleanup Workers

Project Engineers
Project Managers/Estimators

Facilities: New Construction & Maintenance

SOLID Personnel brings 30 years of experience supporting our customer’s Facility projects. Whether you are planning a shutdown, need help with maintenance personnel, or performing a new build, our team understands your needs. Our expertise has helped our customers scale manpower for major projects providing 100’s of skilled workers in a short amount of time. We add additional value by locating and hiring key management talent via direct hires. Some of the largest & most successful companies in the USA rely on SOLID to acquire top talent in the time they need it.

Facilities jobs placed include:

HVAC Technicians & Installers
Skilled Labor
Traffic Control

Project Engineers
Project Managers
Design Managers
Project Coordinators
Logistics and Material Handlers
Technical Writers and Programmers
Security and Data Techs


With SOLID Personnel as your skilled trades recruiting firm, on-demand access to a proven, dependable, safety-minded plumber is always just a phone call away. Whether you are searching for help on a short-term project or you are looking for peak-season support, we have a diverse pool of skilled plumbers with a wide range of available expertise, including:

Plumbing jobs placed include:

Journeyman Plumbers
Apprentice Plumbers
General Laborers/Cleanup Workers
Project Engineers

Project Managers/Estimators

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy market has grown significantly in terms of the size and scope of projects, technological advances and the number of specific, green industry job titles. Treaties and associated carbon emissions targets along with lower costs and greater feasibility for implementation have all played a role. With the future of our energy supplies looking ever more precarious, countries have had to develop new methods to utilize their natural resources, such as: sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal.

Renewable Energy jobs placed include:

Solar Electricians
PV Installers – All Levels
CAD Operators
Line Manufacturing

R&D Engineers
QA/QC Technicians

Mechanical and HVAC

Searching for skilled commercial, residential or industrial HVAC Techs or Installers for your next construction project? You are not alone.  With SOLID Personnel as your skilled trades recruiting firm, on-demand access to a proven, dependable, safety-minded technicians is always just a phone call away.

Mechanical and HVAC jobs placed include:

Journeyman HVAC Technicians
Apprentice HVAC Technicians
Sheet Metal Installers (All Levels)
General Laborers/Cleanup Workers

Project Engineers
Project Managers/Estimators

Construction Management

With a combined 30 years of experience working with hundreds of Construction clients, SOLID has built many strong and lasting relationships with TOP Talent in Construction Management. The creation of all our construction positions start with Engineering & Design and moves over to the Construction Management side.  From the most senior level engineer to the worker bees on site doing cleanup, we have extensive knowledge and background in how your business works.

At SOLID, we help our engineering & construction management consultants accelerate their career growth with industry-leading firms. We offer the flexibility of direct hire placements, contract to hire placements, temporary, and project-based assignment solutions.

Construction Management jobs placed include:

Project Engineers
CAD Drafters
Mechanical Designers & Engineers
Electrical Designers & Engineers

Project Managers/Estimators

Looking for quality talent to expand your workforce?

We have the experience to get things done. Our team is committed to finding you the top talent in telecommunications, low voltage and security. Turn to SOLID Personnel when the moment calls for identifying top talent. Our team has proven experience in matching top professionals with top companies.